An Association by the name “Government Officers' Benefit Association” was founded on 1st January 1909, with a membership of 40, by three eminent gentlemen named M/s G. Hyen, a British National Owen De La Herft and Gorden E.W. Janesz, with the objective of preserving the rights of Government servants, who were subject to numerous impediments and restrictions during the reign of European administration under colonial system.

In the Year 1971, the Government Officers’ Benefit Association gained legal recognition as a legislative entity, by an Act passed in the Parliament of Sri Lanka, under the supervision of the Finance Ministry.

By to-day, Government Officers of various status and ranks, from all parts of the country joined as members of the Association and enjoy many benefits offered by the Association in the form of loans and other welfare facilities. The Government Officers’ Benefit Association continue its forward March, unchallenged and un obstructed, while fulfilling aspiration of it’s Members.


Government Officers' Benefit Association